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Each spa-box treasure not only works together to provide a relaxing experience, they intentionally provide a uniquely specific purpose...


Bath Bombsare known to make bath time more luxurious and fun and provide a spa-like experience in your home. Bath bombs can help you get rid of toxins that are present in your skin and make you feel better for long afterward

Exfoliating Gloveusing exfoliating gloves will leave your skin smooth and radiant, as it removes the dirt and dead cells on the top layer of the skin by unclogging pores

Aromatic Candlegreat for stress relief, reduces mental fatigue, and aids in better sleep

Facial Mask Sheet masks are a great way to relax and pamper yourself after a long day. Most come with a variety of different serums, such as brightening agents, anti-aging, acne-control, detoxification, and more. They also promote healthier more supple skin

Moisturizing LotionDaily moisturizing is vital for healthy skin. The most important times to use moisturizer are after a bath, shave or exfoliation

Bath Salt Submerging our bodies into a bath filled with warm water and salt is proven to be one of the best ways to restore ourselves. Bath salts also moisturize the skin, decrease stress and soothes pain.

Your Journal effective in helping identify and accept emotions and managing stress. There are studies suggesting journaling can strengthen the immune system, drop blood pressure, help you sleep better, and generally keep you healthier 

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